Are you looking for a little relaxation and outdoor adventure in you med lab jobs?  Then head to one of America’s oldest states – Connecticut – for all your med lab jobs.  Connecticut has more than 400 miles of rivers, 800 miles if hiking trails on the Appalachian Mountains, and more than 130 state parks.  Is that enough variety for the outdoorsman?  But Connecticut is known for more than its outdoor activities.  When you take a med lab job in Connecticut, you can also enjoy Mark Twain’s mansion, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s mansion, P.T. Barnum’s museum, or Eli Whitney’s museum.  No matter what you choose to do in Connecticut, we have the med labs for you.

We’re currently seeking MTs and MLTs for med lab jobs throughout Connecticut.  Browse our hottest Connecticut med lab jobs below or apply now.

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