The Bluegrass state is teeming with med lab jobs just for you.  Kentucky is known as the horse capitol of the country with over 450 horse farms and the only all-horse park in the world.  One wouldn’t expect any less from the state that hosts the Kentucky Derby!  Kentucky is also known is for exquisite landscape.  From the beautiful wetlands to the highlands, this state has much to offer.  If you’re looking to become a tourist on your med lab job we have you covered as well.  You can visit the Cherokee Trail of Tears Park, the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Toyota Manufacturing Plant, or the Kentucky Down Under.  No matter what you are looking to do in Kentucky, we have the med lab jobs for you.

We have med lab jobs for seeking medical technologists, medical lab technicians, cytotechnologists, and histotechnologists throughout Kentucky with your name on them.  Search our hot Kentucky med lab jobs now.

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